70 million people around the world use some form of sign language to communicate, and ASL is the third most common form of sign language. Most of these people are deaf or have a close connection with a deaf person, but able-bodied people can and should learn sign language, too. Learn a few reasons why you should take online ASL classes. 

1. Connect With People 

Knowing ASL gives you the ability to connect with more people. If you have a deaf person in your life, you can create a stronger bond with them by learning how to communicate with them. You'll also be able to communicate with strangers. After some conversation, you and the stranger may become friends. Furthermore, the more people who learn ASL, the more the deaf community will feel heard. 

2. Improve Your Communication Skills 

When you learn ASL, you learn how to speak with your hands. You'll be able to read body language better. Sign language uses hand signals to communicate, but body language and facial expressions play an elevated role in conveying meaning. You will also have a heightened awareness of how important it is to make eye contact with people when you talk, as eye contact alerts a deaf person that you plan to speak to them. You will likely make better eye contact with people who have good hearing, too, out of habit.

3. Add a Skill to Your Resume 

Adding ASL as a skill on your resume can set you apart from other candidates, especially if you work in communications. You may be able to use your skill in your job. You may even turn your newfound skill into a profession. Full-time sign language interpreters make a median salary of  $78,441. If you already have a full-time vocation, you can offer sign language interpretation as a side hustle. 

4. Cognitive Benefits

When you learn ASL, you also improve your cognitive functions. It starts with hand-eye coordination. Since you have to follow swift hand movements quickly, you'll be forced to develop hand-eye coordination to process the information you receive from someone signing in ASL. You'll also have a better understanding of space since you need to be mindful of where you can move your hands. As nonverbal communication, you'll develop critical thinking skills that help you use context clues to understand signing. This will also improve creativity. 

You can learn ASL online through flexible classes. Sign up for online ASL courses through a local program, such as Wierman Study Center, today.